Updated fee calculations, improved XSite syncing, and more in our latest release

With this release, we’ve updated the transaction fee calculation for some orders. There’s also improved syncing between an XSite order and its corresponding Mercury Network order. Finally, we resolved an issue you may have seen when accessing the Deleted status folder. You can read details in the release notes, and see below for a bit more explanation.

Updated calculations for Mercury Network transaction fees

We found some inconsistencies when rounding the Mercury Network transaction fee for commercial orders. To resolve this, going forward, the transaction fee will be rounded to the nearest midpoint (0.5) rather than the nearest zero.

Resolved issue with the Deleted status folder

In the Orders view, some users noticed an error when clicking on the Deleted status folder on the left. This has been resolved so that all users can access the Deleted folder to see the intended orders.

Improved VMP XSite notifications and syncing


We identified and resolved an issue which prevented notifications about a changed due date from being sent to the XSite client and other intended recipients. Now, when a Mercury Network user changes an order's due date using the Change Due Date status, if they check the box to Update the due date on the VMP XSite and notify client, notifications will correctly be sent to the XSite client and/or other recipients (such as managing clients and Additional recipients).

We also improved consistency when syncing a Mercury Network order’s Closing Date with the VMP XSite. Plus, if an XSite order is edited by the client, the closing date will be correctly saved.